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Libido, or the sexual drive, plays a big role in the concept of manhood. The reasons for a low libido include low testosterone (i.e. in nearly 4 out of 10 men aged above 45 years), certain medicines, alcohol, and drug abuse.

Truuth MSH is taken as a supplement to improve libido and sexual performance in men. It balances the levels of testosterone, thus, managing the sexual problems.

MSH is composed of L-arginine, an amino acid; Zinc, an essential element; and the herbal extracts of Tribulus terresteris and Mucuna pruriens. Tribulus terresteris, also called as puncture vine is a Mediterranean plant whose extract has been used since ages, to treat sexual problems. Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume, which is used since ancient times for improving sexual drive. The other ingredients help in providing strength and improving performance.

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