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Our Philosophy


Truuth’s mission is to help develop a healthier nation by offering a wide and effective range of health supplements, and its formulations are built on the bedrock of nutritional science. Truuth is out to create the ultimate “win-win” scenario, by pledging to give you better health, more energy and less illness, in exchange for your loyalty and support. We share a vision of healthier individuals, happier families and a more productive society as our beacons in this journey forward. Optimum health begins with complete nutrition; and the truth of the matter is that although different people have different nutrition needs, almost everyone is lacking some nutritional elements based on their daily dietary intake. The wide range of products, from Truuth, addresses this problem and has created various formulae, designed to address the nutritional neds of everyone, from every age group and every demographic.

Made by a company with more than 100 years experience in formulating and manufacturing cutting edge healthcare products, Truuth is the first Indian brand of vitamin and mineral supplements you can count on, for safety, for purity and for efficacy. Truuth promises a healthier you; in just 30 days. Try Truuth, feel the difference!